Meet Kristina

Hi! It's the first time I write something for my blog in English and since my knowledge of it isn't perfect, I'm sorry in advance for presumable grammar mistakes. However, today one of the most important people in my life has birthday and I want to acquaint you with this person in the manner of Amélie Poulain (if you remember this movie).
So, meet Kristina.

Kristina doesn't like

  • when people smoke in public places
  •  when she has to write in the scientific prose  style 
  • when her hair gets messy while taking a photo, especially if it's the only thing that spoils it
  • genuine leather and fur

kristina likes

  • when the seller in a cafe asks her:
    "As usual?"

  • to swim and sing in the sea
    like a mermaid

  • to touch the people she loves
  • that tasty cream of Napoleon cake 
  • to perfume herself every time she has
    a chance to