Berlin Blues

trip to berlin 
from the 29th of march
to the 6th of april

This time I just want to share with you some photos, that I took with my film camera during visiting Berlin this spring. The city is highly authentic, what is the most fascinating thing about it. 

I do believe, that film photos manage to capture the spirit of a place or a moment, so I strived for making the city's portrait and as a result brought home 5 film rolls from this trip...


В этот раз мне просто хочется поделиться с вами пленочными фотографиями, которые я сделала во время поездки в Берлин этой весной. Город совершенно аутентичен и это самое в нем удивительное. Я искренне верю, что пленочной фотографии - в отличии от мобильной - удается запечатлеть дух места или момента, и потому стремилась создать портрет города, что вылилось в 5 катушек пленки.


Three words about Berlin:

diversity [of tastes, lifesеyles, nationalities],

freedom [of being who you want to be],

ecology [in peple's minds and in every account].

I longed for finding this restaurant called Pasternak, since as I knew from a book my sprit guru Patti Smith was there. 
I talked to the main waiter about her and he shared the srory with me, that when she last time came there and ordered black caviar (черная икра), the most expensive dish in the menu, not recognizing her waiters didn't know if they should bring it to her or deny Patti the dish - they were afraid she couldn't pay, because she looked rather carelessly, just like rock'n'roll.

Characters: Treffpunkt/meetplace/ - Berlin

I hope you didn't get bored of photos and could feel the essence of Berlin and fell in love with this city,
just like I did.